My Alphabetical Term 1 Holidays!


I had an amazing break for the holiday. For most of the holidays I was just relaxing, sitting on the couch for most of the day, but there was lots of things happening in between.

First of all I had a really great time celebrating Easter with my family who were grateful to be with me. We had a really fun  Easter egg hunt outside in the grass.

That wasn’t it though because I also went in my holiday to Inflatable World with my cousins, which was the most fun I’d had in awhile. We were jumping up and down with excitement on the way there!

But there was more. I also went to see Batman vs Superman with my dad. Everyone knows Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne and Superman is Clark Kent. I thought the movie was good, but it also was a bit lame because it didn’t really follow the title, ‘Batman vs Superman.’ Also the movie was a bit different because someone other man wrote and directed it.

I also bought a new XBOX ONE game called NBA2k16 which is a basketball game that is really fun to play. While I was playing that I had a delicious Orange. In NBA2k16 you’ve got the option to make your own person who plays in the NBA. I really like this option because I would love to be in the NBA in real life and now I can in this game. I was very quiet when playing the game, because I was very focused on scoring lots of points to win the game.

Later in the holidays I went to play basketball with my dad and my cousins. I wore a red Chicago Bulls basketball top with the player Derrick Rose on the back. One of my cousins Shalini she’s only 7 so she finds it difficult to get the ball in the ring, but she finally did and more than once. We were practising a basketball trick which is the underhand layup. It’s when you dribble the basketball down, then pick up the ball, then step step left, right and up, vertically throw the ball up to hit the corner of the basketball ring.

Some days in the holidays it was really rainy and wet with water pouring down like no tomorrow. On those rainy days I would play on the XBOX yelling at the TV saying that was a goal and to finish off everyday going straight to sleep, ZZZZZ.

Can you spot the alphabet letters that are in order?

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