Tourist Attractions in Australia!


In Australia we’ve got some amazing tourist attractions such as  Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Uluru, but what really makes them special?

Sydney Opera House – It’s not just a fancy place to see the opera, it’s more than that. It’s a wonderful place to be for all arts including art shows, performances, opera and many more great things.

Sydney Harbour Bridge – It’s not just a playing old red or green bridge that you see every day, it’s a bright colourful bridge which is not just for driving through, you can also climb up it!

Uluru – It’s not just a big rock in the middle of the dessert, it’s very sacred and special to all Australians for many reasons. It’s very sacred to Indigenous people, It’s a great rock to take a picture with  and it’s been here for over 700 years!

This concludes me telling you about some of our most amazing tourist attractions around Australia. If you enjoyed be sure to write a comment and check out my blog again because, there will be more posts coming.

Peace Out! 😃

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