It’s always great to go overseas, you can see all these great attractions that you don’t get to see everyday. Europe is always big tourist attraction, because of all of it’s bright and colourful seas, towns and houses. Approximately every year 1.1 billion tourists a year a taking planes and boats to go to Europe.

People also like that in some countries depending on what city or state it is, they do tours. Some tours involve lots of walking but some you can just take a bus around to see all the famous shops and landmarks and you’ll be all good.

I know there’s not really much to talk about but you have to see it to believe about or these great countries wonderful, amazing attractions.

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  1. Mrs Inglese at |

    Hi Jackson,
    Europe is a wonderful place to visit and it has some amazing attractions. My favourite place in Europe was Paris.
    Regards Mrs Inglese

  2. Rian Prestwich at |

    G’day Jackson,

    Have you every been overseas yourself? I have been to parts of Europe and it is fantastic. Where did you read that 1.1 billion tourists a tear go to Europe? That’s a lot of people!

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

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